About Roberts Family Orchard

Find out more about Roberts Family orchard

Find out more about the Roberts family owned and operated orchard and roadside fruit stall that started in 1961.

Three generations of the Roberts family work the orchard and the market gardens. Harry senior and Joan, Harry junior and Vicky manage and play a big part in the day to day operations of the business. Grandson Taine is learning the ropes from the bottom up and other grand kids spend their summer school holidays helping out with the cherry harvest.

Orchard History

Roberts Family Orchard export quality cherries
export cherries ready for market

Orchard Blocks

Roberts Family Orchard cherry pack house
cherry pack house in full swing

Our Region Then and Now

Roberts Family Orchard cherries ready for harvest
Cherries ready to harvest


Roberts Family Orchard spring frost fighting
Spring frost fighting to protect the fruit blossom and buds